With all the talk the last few years about racer counts being down, oval being expensive to race, and not alot of new faces coming into the hobby… it seems someone has things figured out. The North East Oval Racers Association (NEORA) is a sanction ran by racers for racers.  They have really thought this thing completely through and they are setting their selfs up to be the premier racing league this year and for years to come. Their championship series is comprised of several major northern tracks in the USA and even some in Canada!  Over two dozen of sponsors onboard to support the series, and hundreds of racers ready for the series to start.  NEORA is producing an overwhelming amount of buzz, enough that we have forgot that it isn’t even race season yet!

I caught up with one of the Presidents, Erik Steel, and asked him what NEORA ment to him and to give us some history on the series that him along with Chuck Baraslow are championing.  Here is what he had to say.

North East Oval Racers Association formed 4 years ago when the concept of spec racing was just being thought of. A class was born in New York called North South COT. The class had a single battery, motor, tire, and body choice. Directly following was the Nastruck class which utilized the same mindset of spec racing. Thank you to those responsible for launching this mission. Fast forward to today, same spec concept, same group of tracks, not one closure. We think this speaks volumes and has shaped the way for the nation to pursue our common goal, unity in rules, and quality of racing, while keeping costs to a minimum.

The formation of the NEORA Championship Series has had an overwhelmingly positive response from racers all over the country as we aim to deliver the most impressive series ever. Manufacturers, distributors, and local business establishments have shown great support to build the largest prize pool that many say has never existed. NEORA believes that by rewarding the racers, you reward the tracks with attendance, and the manufacturers and distributors are rewarded with growing business. It’s a full circle concept that makes it work.

The 7 tracks in New York, Vermont, Maine and Quebec Canada, have special event dates roughly 3 times per season. The NEORA Championship Series plays off those 21 events, allowing the racer to choose his race dates while hitting each track 1 time for points. This flexibility offers added strategy and a bonus system in place rewards racers for multiple race entries and a travel bonus. At the conclusion of the series, point totals will reveal the top 10 in points, and a banquet of champions will be held to honor the competitors. At the banquet an expected prize pool of over $5000 will be distributed. There will be some special awards presented for the “mother trucker” the racer who drove the most to the tracks or the “hard luck” award for the racer who couldn’t catch a break. Additionally the Nastruck and North South champions will be invited to two prestigeus events “The Ovalmasters” and the “Snowbird Nationals” to test their skill against the rest of the best.

2017-2018 is shaping up to be the greatest year to be a North East Oval Racer. The road to the championship is long and full of potential twists and turns. The anticipation is higher than ever and the competition is eager to get testing.

Erik Steel
Co-President of NEORA